City Council Adopts Fiscal Year Budget

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EUGENE, Ore. — After months and months of debate the Eugene City Council moved to adopt next year’s fiscal budget.

This comes after the budget committee was faced with a challenge of trying to fill $2.5 million dollar shortfall.

The proposed budget, recommended by the budget committee — cuts $1.9 million in city services.

The $494 million dollar budget included cutting jobs – making cuts to some parks maintenance and the downtown library for half a day.

The Bethel Branch in west Eugene will stay open indefinitely, while the Sheldon Branch will stay open for another year beginning in July, with the help of $306,000 in one time funds.

Library services have been a major point of contention throughout this process.

Councilor George Poling thinks the budget committee should make a recommendation to the council to put out a serial library levy to the voters.

Those who spoke at the hearing Monday night focused on that future.

“Many library advocates are already urging that we put the library levy on fiscal year 2015-2016. People are stopping us in the street and saying when is the levy going to be and how can I help,” said Eugene resident, Carol Hildebrand.

The levy would likely go on the November ballot.

A number of people also spoke about cuts to the Human Services Commission.

There is also an addition to the budget – $200,000 to help fund the 2016 Track and Field Olympic Trials.

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