City Council Approves Plastic Bag Ban

EUGENE, Ore– Paper or plastic? In six months, you won’t be hearing that question anymore in Eugene stores.

On Monday night, the City Council voted 6-2 to ban plastic bags in Eugene. It is now the third city in Oregon to ban plastic bags in stores, following Portland and Corvallis.

Councilors Mike Clark and George Poling voted against the ban, saying it forces consumer behavior. But the others said it comes down to environmental issues.

Councilor Pat Farr attempted to make an amendment to give retailers the option of charging a five-cent fee for paper bags, but it did not pass.

Now Eugene retailers have six months to get rid of their plastic bag stock and give time for the public to transition before the policy takes effect.

City Council also voted 5-3 to direct the City Attorney to investigate whether State or Federal laws could be used to stop coal from coming through the city.


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  1. Up In Arms says:

    What a bunch of clueless idiots…I was thinking about moving back but this takes the cake.

  2. JinEugene says:

    What happened to freedom of choice in Eugene? I use reusable bags when I can, but there are times when you forget to grab them or have more groceries and they don’t all fit. So now I’ll have to pay extra. plus deal with bags ripping and food getting soggy in the rain? I always recycle my plastic bags, not to mention the millions of other ways I reuse them within my household. Guess I’ll be taking my business to Springfield, where at least I have some choices!

  3. matt says:

    Read closer, it says the payment for paper bags idea didn’t pass. And yes, you may find ways to reuse your bags, or recycle them, but many many people do not and they are everywhere! I think this is a great step and a statewide ban should be pursued. This coming from someone who lives in Springfield by the way.

    1. Jann says:

      I agree. I just moved here from a state that shall remain nameless where several cities have enacted a plastic bag ban, Life went on, we got in the habit of keeping the reusable bags in the car or back pack, Plastic bags that fall out of trash bags and blow away has been eliminated. I now purchase eco friendly trash bags and dog poop bags. Yes, it’s a little more out of my pocket, but the overall effect on the environment is well worth it. 50 years ago there were no plastic shopping bags and everyone survived just fine.

    2. JinEugene says:

      Actually, it says to make the charge an option, and that didn’t pass. If you read the article in the RG, it says the charge will be required for all Eugene retailers.

      Sometimes I feel like Eugene as a collective is patting themselves on the back and feeling superior than their neighbors because they spend extra on “being green”.

    3. Ted says:

      Great, Matt. Just ban anything that you believe is a bad idea. Eugene is full of idiots. Overeducated, underintelligent tools.

  4. jason says:

    the coal trains are covered.

    The city cannot stop the railroad.

    Again… ANTI business Eugene, won’t be satisfied until everyone is run out of town.

  5. Creswellshopper says:

    As a shopper from Creswell, I often shop in Eugene for groceries due to the high prices here at “RIpoff Rays”. I usually shop when visitng family in Eugene. With the bag ban I will just go to Springfield where I have a choice. #1: I usually buy alot of groceries at once and dont want to carry a bunch of bags around. I usually recycle the plastic bags. Just like proposing a Eugene sales tax, I will just go to Springfield.

  6. Gary Hutchings says:

    It has been clear for a very long time that those who run Eugene think that we are all children that need to have the benefit of their Superior judgment.. If you count the forced change to the name of Beltline to the forced EMX project.. It is obvious, they do not care what the people of Eugene want. I had a daddy, he was a great man.. I do not need a nanny…. In their minds we live to do as we are told… I think these people would be happier in Russia or some other place where they share the same level of contempt for freedom, free will, freedom of the people to choose.
    Its also a sign the capitalism has been removed from our system. If enough people in Eugene wanted the bags to go away, they would simply shop where the retailer dose not use plastic bags. But instead our rulers decide what is best for us… Just like they drove symantec out of Eugene, I will do all my shopping in another city due to their lack of respect for the freedom of the people to choose.

  7. Peter Barclay says:

    You want to know what is funny and why I am laughing at all of you. Its because NONE of you care that they have just violated the state constitution. You do realize the law is very specific and has extremely very clear language? For example, the US Supreme Court found that Obama Care is legal because it is considered a tax. Well many things fall under the very strict language of a “Tax”. The recycling program for aluminum cans and plastic bottles is considered legal as a “Tax”. Specifically it is considered a “Sales Tax”. This is why any time they want to make a change such as adding water bottles to the recycling program they have to put it for a vote of the people. It also has to go in as an amendment to the state constitution because it’s a sales tax. So congratulations people of Eugene, Portland and Corvallis, you just let your city councils enact a sales tax without any vote or without any kind of amendment. Why should anyone follow the proper processes of law when you won’t? So, when you want to whine about your rights being taken away, take your boohoo’s and stuff them. You have only yourselves to blame!

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