City Councilors Could Vote on Tax Levy

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EUGENE, Ore. – The city of Eugene is still trying to figure out how to fill a $6 million dollar budget hole, tonight they could make a major move toward a possible solution.

There’s been ongoing discussion about how to fill that budget gap, now the city council is narrowing its focus to a tax levy option. The stormwater fee has been tabled indefinitely. Last week Eugene City Councilors directed City Manager Jon Ruiz to  prepare two five-year property tax proposals to look at, a $3 million dollar levy and a $6 million dollar levy. City leaders say if they don’t fill the gap, city services like public safety, social services,  economic development and others will be cut. Services that city officials say will effect the livability of Eugene residents. They want to remind the public, they’re simply trying to meet the needs and desires of everyone in the community.

City leaders hope councilors will vote on a levy option tonight in a work session at Harris Hall at 5:30pm. They could wait until Wednesday, but that is the deadline for getting this on the May ballot.

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