City Counts Bicyclists at Intersection

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene recently revamped a bike lane near the University of Oregon. Now it’s surveying its success.

Crews put out counting strips Thursday near the intersection of East 18th Avenue and Alder Street. They mark how many people use the reworked section. It’ll then be compared to the numbers before all the work there.

Bikers say the changes have been a nice improvement. They say that route is one of the main ways to get to school. One rider even calls it “the Biker Highway”.

To make sure the counter and numbers are accurate, someone stood at the trail to manually count those on the trail.

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  1. Tanner says:

    The bike lane along Alder is great, but for some reason, there are people who refuse to look both ways before walking across the road. I live at 19th and Alder and I’m dodging at least three oblivious pedestrians on my way to campus.

    Same thing goes for cars. A lot of people don’t realize that the bike lane goes in both directions, so they don’t look left when making a left turn onto Alder. With the amount of bike, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic on the road during the peak hours, it sets up for a bad accident if someone isn’t paying attention.

    Cyclists should probably make an effort to be more courteous as well!

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