City Discusses Skateboarding Rules

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EUGENE, Ore. — Changes could be coming for skateboarders and bicyclists in Eugene.

It’s currently illegal for skateboarders to ride on city streets, except to cross them. But that could change. The city┬áis thinking about allowing skateboarders to ride in bike lanes on city streets. It’s because skateboarding is increasing as a travel option.

The idea is just one of three proposals that the public can weigh in on Monday. We caught up with some skateboarders to see what they think.

“That would be awesome because I think the laws are already kind of confusing about what is allowed and what’s not allowed. I’ve got in trouble for a couple of things that contradict each other. Like I said before, it’s a form of transportation,” says Kasey Sheldon.

There are two other proposals. One would expand the downtown area where bicycling and skateboarding are not allowed on sidewalks, to protect pedestrians. The other would allow electric motor assisted bicycles on off-street bike paths.

All three ideas came from the public. Monday night, the public has the chance to discuss them at a meeting at the Eugene Public Libary. That starts at 5:30 p.m.

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