City Hall Offices Move Around Town

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EUGENE, Ore. — After nearly 50 years, Eugene’s city hall lowered its flag and moved out.

Safety concerns forced city employees to set up shop in a new building.

It’s a moving day that’s been a long time coming.

Francisca Leyva Johnson, community engagement analyst, is doing a little house cleaning as she gets ready to move out of city hall.

“It’s really good to do that, but it’s also a lot of work. Pretty hard to let go of everything,” Johnson said.

“It’s a big change. Yeah this has been the city government’s home for 50 years, so it’s a big change,” said Jan Bohman, Community Relations Public Information Officer.

It’s a much-needed change though. The building really isn’t structurally safe, energy efficient, and if hit by a big earthquake, could collapse.

“So it became really imperative to especially move the police services out of here,” Bohman said.

“Because of the work that we do, you don’t think about that, but yeah my husband is going to be very happy,” Johnson said.

Once the crates are closed, they’ll be hauled away to the Lane County Public Service Building where they’ll call home.

“Absolutely looking forward to the new opportunities, and I am sure challenges that we are going to have, but hey, that’s life changes,” Johnson said.

Some say a possible downside is all city offices aren’t in one large complex but spread out between 7th and 11th avenues. EPD is off Country Club Road. For a map of all the new locations, click here.

Offices will be closed Friday and the moving van comes this weekend. Come Monday, a new beginning.

In the fall, the city council will take up the issue of what to do with the building. Two options–tear it all down or look at parts that can be re-used.

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