City Hall Project Contractor Selected

EUGENE, Ore. — A new city hall is one step closer to reality. A local contractor was selected to rebuild the aging structure, Monday.

The city has been wanting to rebuild the building on Pearl Street for quite some time because of its vulnerability to earthquakes. After years of uncertainty, city leaders decided to hire McKenzie Commercial Contractors to rebuild the facility because of the company’s track record and 30 years of service in the community.

Eugene City Hall has served as the center of municipal government in Eugene for nearly half a century. In that time, the city’s population more than tripled, the city government outgrew the modest facility and the condition of city hall has deteriorated.

The main driver of the $11 million project is addressing the building’s vulnerability to earthquakes. The building currently sits on pillars and even a moderate quake could have dire consequences

“Seismic is a big issue that’s why the folks who worked in the building moved out, and the police, because the building wasn’t structurally sound. A big portion of this early process is do the seismic retrofit of all the components that they’ll decide in the long term plan,” said Todd Glenz, McKenzie Commercial Contractors.

Mckenzie Commercial has completed over a hundred projects in Eugene and more than 300 within Lane County. It was ranked third best small company to work for in Oregon and has received top project awards for projects around the state.

The city also chose Rowell-Brokaw, a local architecture firm for the rebuilding project back in June.

The mayor is expected to address the city from the new city hall in early 2016.

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