City Manager Presents Proposed Budget

4-29 budget picEUGENE, Ore. — Not a lot of surprises at Tuesday’s Eugene Budget committee meeting, as Eugene City Manager Jon Ruiz presented his proposed budget for next year.

That meeting was at the downtown Eugene Public Library Tuesday evening.

For the past eight months — the budget committee has deliberated over a projected $2.5 million dollar budget gap.

The proposal included cutting jobs — the downtown library for half a day — and making cuts to some parks maintenance.

There was an addition to the budget — $200,000 dollars to help fund the 2016 Track and Field Olympic Trials.

“Over the last several years we have reduced our number of employees by over 100 which means that we have fewer employees per population then we’ve had in 35 plus years,” said Ruiz.

There is some time set aside for public testimony.

That’s scheduled for May 1st at the Eugene Public Library

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