City of Corvallis Moves Schoolhouse

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — At sunrise Saturday morning a historic schoolhouse was on the move, making its way about a mile down Highway 99 to its new home at Owens Farm.

For Gladys Meier, the historic schoolhouse was an important part of her childhood. “I was very young when my parents bought the house and I knew it was a schoolhouse the whole time. But it was already made into a home,” said Meier.

After living in the house more than 65 years ago, Meier moved right next door and spent the last six decades watching the community grow. “It changed a lot, because this was just an empty field you know that, so everything around here is very grown up now,” said Meier.

Now the next chapter in the community is beginning as the schoolhouse moves down the highway and a developer begins building duplexes in the spot where the schoolhouse once stood.

“It became clear that the new owner needed to be told that you know this is special and could we please try to save it,” said Corvallis resident Julie Hansen.

Hansen along with a group of other area residents rallied behind saving the historic home. “You know right now it looks like kind of a little shabby, but I’ll tell you in my mind I see it. It’ll have the big bell tower back on, it’s now up on a hill you’ll be able to see it from Highway 99. I mean everything that I was envisioning is slowly coming to fruition and it’s really special,” said Hansen.

With a little TLC, the schoolhouse will be transformed into a museum where people can learn about its history and the history of Corvallis.

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