City of Eugene to Discuss Pilot Program

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene City Councilors will discuss, and possibly take action, on a homeless camping plan at its meeting Monday.

The city’s agenda includes a proposal to pick a site for a 90-day overnight sleeping pilot program. The site would allow no more than 15 people and campers may also be asked to remove all property by 7 a.m. so it doesn’t become a 24-hour site.

SLEEPS protestors say they’re glad to hear about this proposal and say it could be the start of something great.

“This can’t work without everybody. That’s why I’m so happy to see the city with these proposals and we can talk about it because it’s not going to work without us, the city, and the neighborhoods all working together,” said protester Tin Man.

The city council meeting is at 7:30 p.m. on Monday.


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  1. Dave says:

    “House the people who are livin’ in the street, shoe the children with no shoes on their feet” – Steve Miller – Fly Like An Eagle

    1. lb says:

      Take them out of my neighborhood. I shouldn’t have to have people crapping on my front lawn. If you want them, take them to your neighborhood.

      1. Dave says:

        It’s not your neighborhood, it belongs to all of us. If people are crapping on your lawn, it’s because you’re full of it.

  2. LB says:

    I live in the Whiteaker and I have a homeless encampment that just started across the street from my home. If you want to have a campsite for these people, please put it closer to Kitty Piercy home. I was told by the police that the city managers told them not to enforce the laws. I pay more than most in taxes, so please get these people out of my neighborhood. Take them out into the mountains, far away from my neighborhood. I really hope the city managers aren’t going to dump these people into my neighborhood.

    1. Kay says:

      By Skinner City Farm? They’re a bunch of homeless teenagers from abusive or neglected homes. Unlike you, I went down and talked to them. You really want to throw them away? You really think they should be sent off into the mountains? Haven’t they been ignored enough? Where’s your compassion?

      1. musicman60 says:

        dear miss kay i have been onmy own since i was 15 went thru hight school raised a family have owned 3 homes if they get off there asses they wont be homeless so dont give me that crap there are lots of very wealthy people who were homeless

  3. jason marks says:

    tin man has no credibility, he won’t give you his name, tells lies and isn’t from around here.
    he has “no skin in the game” just some reject with a bad attitude from Cal. Eugene owes him “NOTHING” (like how much he thinks land costs) (eye roll)

  4. musicman60 says:

    i guess the people who work and pay the taxes dont matter anymore since our offical are listening to us why are we paying taxes if we dont count

    1. octobot says:

      I work and pay taxes (property as well) and they are listening to me. It just means you live in a crappy area so you do not matter as much. These people have to go somewhere and it may as well be where property values are already low.

      1. musicman60 says:

        well let them move on your property

    2. Kay says:

      Homeless people often work and pay taxes too.

      1. jason marks says:

        we’ve gone thru this stupid monotone statement of yours at least a two dozen times!?

        Tell us exactly how, in what method and how much CITY taxes they pay….

        THEY DON”T!!!

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