City of Springfield Sells Land Lots

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The City of Springfield has been working to give itself a facelift and they’re looking to add a new building that could help. Roaring Rapids Pizza Company is sandwiched between the cities of Eugene and Springfield. Located right on the river, many locals stop by for lunch daily.

“We’ve been here in the Glenwood area, that is Roaring Rapids, has been here 13 years now tomorrow,” said Garry Weber, operating manager for Roaring Rapids Pizza Company.

Like the Springfield City Council, Weber has a vision for this part of the city. On Monday, the city voted to sell two tax lots for a new project that could help make that dream a reality.

“It’ll be a five story hotel with up to a hundred rooms in it when it’s finally developed maybe ten million dollars worth of investments,” said John Tamulonis, Springfield community development manager.

The hotel will be located along Franklin Boulevard and businesses around the area are excited for it.

“We, for a long time, have seen what Glenwood ought to be so that we have a hotel located here now is a part of the Glenwood redevelopment program,” said Weber.

He also says not only will the hotel bring people to the area but it will also help bring new money to the city. City staff say about half the value of the hotel will be taxable as well as other taxes once it opens.

“As hotels develop along this area, that brings in some folks that are staying a few days and that brings more commerce to this area,” said Weber.

“The plan for this development aligns precisely with what we’d like to see for this area,” said Tamulonis.

City administrators and local business owners hope that this is just the beginning.

Once the deal is closed, people can expect to see construction in the lot as soon as June of 2014.

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