City Ranks on Top Best Places to Live

EUGENE, Ore. — People in Eugene might appreciate things like its close knit community and access to quality education. Now those factors are earning the city national attention.

A new study from Livability.com ranks the quality of life in America’s small to mid-sized cities. Eugene comes in at number eight out of the study’s 100 Best Places to Live.

The study took into account things like economics, housing, amenities and demographics. Eugene scored especially high in education and social and civic capital.

Coming in at number one is Palo Alto, Cal. You can find the full list here.


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  1. lb says:

    They can rank Eugene however they like, but I can’t wait to leave this place. I have a nice job here, but all the homeless people, the hippies, and the counterculture mentality make it a horrible place to live.

  2. mellisa says:

    this is laughable full of homeless, no jobs, rent prices, electricity though eweb, the taxes, the schools are actually barely passing government standards, Eugene doesn’t have a hospital, and the jail never holds people. I have lived many other places that were better than this, and I plan on leaving and not coming back. Who ever did this study got all their information straight from kitty litters (piercy) mouth and were probably paid off by phil knight!

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