City Road Projects Begin

EUGENE, Ore. — Drier weather means getting more work done, which is why the city started tackling its summer to-do list Monday.

Contractors began work on the first phase of Coburg Road, the first project on a long list of warm-weather work the city hopes to get done before the end of summer.

It’s not exactly summer weather, but it’s better weather, which means the city is taking advantage of every dry, or mostly dry, moment it can.

“Coburg Road is a big one, and there’s actually two parts to Coburg Road. There will be this early part that goes from Beltline to Willakenzie, and then the other section is going to encompass the Chad Drive intersection to County Farm Road,” said Jenifer Willer, City Project Manager.

The Coburg Road re-paving and maintenance is the season’s biggest project, but there are more. In about a month, the city will begin work at 5th Avenue, Blair Street and Van Buren Street. Major work is set to start on May 18 on a number of downtown avenues.

Most of the workload is being paid for with tax dollars.

“The last few years we’ve seen a lot of projects, mostly thanks to the voter-approved bond measures. So there was one passed in 2008, which is most of the work this year is being funded by that, and there was another measure passed this fall that will continue this same magnitude of work for several more years,” Willer said.

The city says it’s doing its best to limit lane closures and congestion by saving paving projects until the weekends.

Weekly updates on road work in Eugene can be found here.

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