Service Fee Could Head to the Ballot

EUGENE, Ore. — A city property tax levy and stormwater and parks fee are off the table in Eugene.

Instead, Eugene city counselors are moving forward with putting a city service fee on the ballot.

The fee would raise $5.3 million to help with funding city services. You may recall the city is facing a $6 million budget shortfall. If passed, the city would still have to come up with additional revenue streams or look at making additional cuts.

It appears after public comment, counselors felt there wouldn’t be as much support for a property tax levy and that a fee would throw more people into the mix, not just property owners.

“The polling that we have done has said that the majority of the voters would prefer a fee–a reasonable fee–set at no more than $10, and they said we are definitely capping that, and anything above $10 would have to go back to the voters,” said Eugene City Manager Jon Ruiz.

Counselors will need to vote on Wednesday to decide whether they want to put a service fee on the ballot.


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  1. Postone says:


    Reject this tax outright! These taxes never end, cities, counties and the Federal governments need to work within their means! I’m sick and tired of supporting irresponsible governments who refuse save and continue the status quo of spend, spend and spend some more! And borrow, so they can spend!

    And it’s not that they (city government) can’t save, it’s that they don’t want to, and for over forty years haven’t had to! They (City government and county) get a few extra million here and there (albeit not lately, because of this economy) and they find a way to spend it. The city budget is the same as any lay person’s budget. You bring in a certain amount of money and you have to budget it for certain things, pay bills, save some and invest some. You should have a emergency fund also, not a borrow from the bank, or taxpayer fund!

    If you don’t have the cash to purchase something than you do without, just like most of us on a budget! If you want something special or extravagant you save for it, PERIOD!

    These people in the City of Eugene government have college degree’s I would think. Especially the City Manager! Most would have a degree in business. But even if not one of them has a college degree or business experience everyone knows you must save for a rainy day or an emergency! There is no getting around this….

    Say no to these arrogant, irresponsible people in Eugene government who are always asking for more money. I can promise everyone it will never end unless the people footing the bills finally and forever say no more!

  2. Andrew says:

    I wish someone would champion a recall on these officials or at least on one of them to get the public’s point across. I am tired, really livid with the irresponsible governing in this County.
    With EWEB CONSTANTLY raising rates exponentially over SUB, Federal taxes going up, Lane Co. asking for a tax increase, Public schools trying to increase their tax revenue, and finally the City of Eugene wanting to levy higher fees/taxes on residence’s, it is time they realize that FREEZING ALL public employee’s pay first indefinitely (including elected officials pay) and cutting all services, will voters then listen to a reasonable tax increase.
    Maybe the City of Eugene should file for bankruptcy and reorganize including ALL public employees and elected officials pay. When a 20 yr old with no college or work experience and go to work for EWEB making $28.00 per hour before he turns 21, our public services seriously need to re-evaluate their spending.

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