City Starts Pedestrian Flag Program

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — The City of Cottage Grove is taking action after a woman was killed last week in a pedestrian crosswalk.

On Thursday, the City of Cottage Grove installed handheld orange flags at the pedestrian crossing on Highway 99 near Geer Avenue. They were installed so people wanting to cross can wave them to get cars to stop.

This is in response to last week’s crash that killed a 74-year-old woman, who was in the crosswalk. City Engineer Ron Bradsby says this is just the first step in keeping the community safe.

“There’s a similar situation in Eugene where they have a concrete middle island with flashers when somebody enters the crosswalk. I don’t know how with four lanes of traffic how you would make an island for instance to do that, but we can definitely put flashers that when somebody enters the sidewalk and stuff like that,” Bradsby said.

The city will be monitoring the flags and replacing them as necessary.

The City of Cottage Grove says if the program proves to be successful, they’ll install flags at other crosswalks around the city.

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  1. Ahshucks says:

    I believe thought is nice but I think you will be replacing a lot of flags.

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