City to Discuss Amazon Development


EUGENE, Ore. — The battle over a housing development in South Eugene will take center stage at Wednesday night’s city council meeting.

The legal battle has been going on for more than a decade and it’s because of where the development is going to be located. It’s on 18 acres of property in the headwaters of Amazon Creek in Eugene’s South Hills area.

It’s the only remaining ecological corridor between the Amazon Greenway and the headwaters of Amazon Creek. But late last year, a Eugene couple won the right to build 47 units on the plot.

It was a big blow to Southeast Neighbors, a group comprised of 13,000 members that have been fighting the development for the past 12 years. At one point, they even offered to buy the land at fair market price.

Their latest effort to save it was at last week’s city council meeting where they voiced their concerns.

City councilor Betty Taylor will also file a motion that could impact the outcome. KEZI 9 News reached out to her but she didn’t return our calls.

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