Eugene to Discuss Cohousing Project

EUGENE, Ore. — A planned housing development off River Road is eliciting controversy in the neighborhood where it’s been proposed, and the city will hold a meeting on Wednesday to discuss preliminary approval for the project.

The development is a cohousing project called Oakleigh Meadow, which would sit on a two-and-a-half acre parcel of land. It would be communal housing, meaning that while residents will have their own homes, they’ll also share a common house, amenities, and meals.

“I think the old paradigm of living in your own single-family dwelling, isolated from everyone else, is just not working anymore,” says Will Dixon, the cohousing project manager. “So we’re making a very sort of conscious effort to come together more and share and feel more secure and have a sense of belonging.”

While the cohousing aspect has earned approval from most in the community, the size of the project has led to controversy. Oakleigh Meadow was originally intended to be a 10-unit complex, but the concept has since expanded to 28 units with a 47-car garage. Some nearby residents say they’re concerned about increased traffic in such a small neighborhood. Others are concerned that it will drive down the value of their homes and negatively impact the environment.

The developer says the complex meets the requirements of land use plans for the area and he says he will present that at Wednesday’s meeting to address residents’ concerns.  A large turnout is expected at the meeting, so it’s been relocated to the Eugene Public Library.


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  1. Kelly says:

    No wonder it went from 10 units to 28 – its a great idea, a great location, and Will Dixon is a great guy. I imagine once people heard what he was up to, they wanted in, too. People don’t own a neighborhood, they own a house and its land. If they aren’t doing anything illegal or on your property, you don’t have a say. Sorry you hate it now – It won’t be that bad when construction is over.

  2. SJ says:

    Sorry Kelly but you don’t have all the facts. Co-Housing might be a great idea and Will may be a good guy but putting 28 condos in at the end of a small county lane is not appropriate use of the land. This is why they are having to petition for variance to the current code.

  3. KS says:

    Does 28 units and 47 garages on 2 1/2 acres make sense? And it is encroaching on Eugene’s greenspace, the famous bike path and their neighbor’s property. I’m wondering what “meadow” the children will play in. Seems like it might be covered with concrete.

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