City to Evict Whoville Campers

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EUGENE, Ore. — On Friday, the City of Eugene will notify Whoville campers that they have to vacate their site on Broadway and Hilyard.

There are currently about 50 people camping at the site. The city says the property is not open for public use of any kind, so on Friday someone from the city who has been working with the group will ask them to leave.

They say they hope campers will leave on their own, before the city takes action. When that will happen is unclear. It isn’t known how much time the campers will have to pack up their belongings and find another place to go.

The city says it is working with a number of local social service agencies to help people transition from the camp. One option is staying at the city-approved rest stop located at the corner of Roosevelt and Garfield.


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  1. W T Ryan says:

    All the programs mentioned in your piece, the places they can “go” are already full. The Rest Stop takes 15 people. There are 50 in Whoville. That’s the information.
    Now, those who only want to spew bile, can proceed.

  2. John says:

    Those in need can always go to other communities that have resources available to assist.

  3. musicman60 says:

    well you bleeding hearts take them home with you i am like most tax peryers in this town dont want them here and sure as hell dont want to pay for them so if you feel so strong about it invite them home with you i dont want them in my yard or town so now dont go spending my money

    1. Lydia says:

      First, I would like to point out your horrendous misspelling of the word “payers”. You spelt it “peryers” and honestly I find that a little funny, though that is not the purpose of this reply.

      Musicman60, what exactly is your problem with homeless people? Do you believe that due to circumstances or choices that they should not have the same rights as everyone else? Does their lack of money, or family, or ability to find work make them any less human? What if it were you or your family who lost their job, became injured, or had something happen to prevent them from housing, would you dismiss them as easily as you dismiss these people?

  4. HighSchoolDropout says:


  5. Praise says:

    The REAL “Untouchables” are the “elite” thoroughly insulated & isolated RULING class who have been scraping away huge areas of tar sands for oil in central Canada and the northern U.S. plains for decades, waging genocide around the world for oil and other greenhouse fuels for 70+ years, and removing mountains for toxic coal in Appalachia and many other parts of the world for even longer. The RULING class 1% is slowly but inexorably committing SUICIDE and taking the rest of us with them–(“I WISH YOU WOULD STEP BACK FROM THAT LEDGE MY FRIEND…”).

    Meanwhile, let us transform our minds, our lives, our relationships and our communities even while the greed-based ANACHRONOMIC system of class exploitation wobbles onward like that planet-wide tornado on Jupiter, chewing everybody in its path. We all need to FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM THE ELEMENTS, something humans have been trying to do for umpteen 1000’s of years. If we don’t fight now…..our kids and grandkids will remember and suffer the consequences. HOUSING FOR ALL!!!

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