City to Make New Plan for Trails

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene is looking to make some big changes on its hiking and biking trails. On Tuesday, it’s seeking input from the public.

The city wants to come up with a master plan to decide how to manage its soft surface trails. Some important decisions include where the trails will be built, how they will be maintained and who can use the trails.

“Sometimes there are conflicts between bikers and hikers, hikers and joggers so one of the things we need to resolve is who gets to use these trails,” says landscape architect Philip Richardson.

The trail plan will affect Ridgeline Trail, Pre’s Trail in Alton Baker Park, Amazon Trail, Rexius Trails and other jogging trails throughout the city. In all, it will affect 38 miles on soft surface trails.

If you would like to share your trail experiences, the meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Eugene Public Library.

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