City to Open First Homeless Rest Stop

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s first so-called rest stop for the homeless will house its first campers on Friday.

Organizers are calling it an unofficial opening for the pilot program. The Eugene safe spot camp on Roosevelt and Garfield will serve 15 campers. Friday, two campers who will serve as on-site managers will move in.

They will live in two conestoga huts built by local non-profit groups. The managers will be responsible for day to day operations, cleanliness and safety. One hut is already up and the other will be built later in the week. Then the following two weeks, organizers will set up tent platforms for 10 campers.

“I think the ultimate goal is to set up a safe place for people to stay out of the elements that’s legal and meets their most basic needs,” says Eugene Grants Manager Michael Wisth.

Organizers stress it’s a place to get a hand up, not a hand out. The site is free of drugs, alcohol, violence and stealing. Campers must follow the rules and agree to volunteer service or job training two days a week. The agency will begin the interviewing process next week to choose who can stay.

The first round of campers is expected to move in by January 3. The camp will run at no cost to the city.


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  1. paul simms says:

    I could really like more info on this comp I know someone that woulod fit in and needs help shes a non drinker as well as a non user if you could give me some info really will help thatnk you for your help

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