City Weighs W. 18th Construction Options

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EUGENE, Ore. — A new construction project could come at a cost for people living along West 18th Avenue.

Eugene is planning to repave the road next year and is considering multiple options, including getting rid of street parking.

At an open house meeting Tuesday night, engineers laid out the construction possibilities.

Repaired potholes and cracks are highly visible for the targeted areas of West 18th from Washington to Chambers. This will all be eventually replaced with new concrete.

Engineers say because of the current street configuration, they’re considering removing parking, adding a center turn lane or widening bike lanes.

“Automobiles are constrained by a narrow travel lane, bicyclists are constrained by a narrow bike lane, the on-street parking that’s there is also in a very narrow lane, and so it feels very tight and very constrained and that’s very dissimilar to the rest of how W. 18th feels,” said Reed Dunbar, Associate Transportation Planner.

The city will host one more meeting and then evaluate the public comment to help make a decision on how to rebuild the road.

Construction will start in April and is scheduled to run through July.

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