Civic Proposal Rankings “Not Suprising”

EUGENE, Ore. – A screening committee has ranked the proposals on what should happen to Eugene’s historic Civic Stadium, and local groups say they weren’t surprised to see the Fred Meyer lease as the top option.

Both the Eugene YMCA and the non-profit Friends of Civic stadium have different ideas for the land. They say 50% of this recent ranking was based on funding, and neither group has enough money to compete with Fred Meyer’s offer. But, both groups think what the lack in funds, they make up for in community benefits.

Friends of Civic Stadium say there’s been a public outcry to save the historic ballpark, while the YMCA says, they’ve been focused on community input.

“[We] really listen to what the community wants,” says Dave Perez, Executive Director of the Eugene YMCA. “We’ve spent a lot of time working with neighborhood groups, and with schools, members, and other folks in the community,” says Perez.

Perez added that the YMCA would offer many perks, such as 500 memberships for 4J middle and high school students, and free swimming lessons to all second and third grade students.

The screening committee ranked all the proposals on a one hundred point scale and the Fred Meyer lease had the highest score in the end, with 84.6 points. That was followed by the City of Eugene’s proposal to buy the land, with 65.9 points. Third ranked was a Fred Meyer purchase, with 63.6 point. The YMCA proposal came in fourth, with 59 points. The proposal from Friends of Civic Stadium came in last place, with 28.7 points.

These rankings are just recommendations. The 4J School Board will talk about what’s next at its meeting on Wednesday.

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