Civic Stadium Deadline Extended

7-16 CIVIC STADIUMEUGENE, Ore. — The deadline to save Civic Stadium has been extended until December.

The Eugene City Council is giving Friends of Civic Stadium three more months to raise money to buy the historic ballpark.

Friends of Civic Stadium say they’re excited about the fundraising deadline extension until December because it gives them extra time to raise $3.5 million to save the historic Civic Stadium.

So far the group has just under $200,000, raised through door to door campaigning and various concerts and events around town.

Since the original deadline was the beginning of September, the group is unveiling new yard signs and posters at Civic Stadium to try to get momentum going on the fund-raising efforts.

“Well, the thing is it’s getting down to the 11th hour of the fundraising, which happily we did get an extension, but we just want to show that people can and will participate in this if they know about it,” said Civic Stadium supporter Dennis Hebert.

The group says they’re looking to do two major fundraising events this fall, now that they have extra time.

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  1. Robin says:

    Are you kidding me? They will never raise that amount of money and that amount is lowball to begin with. I predict that the City Council will go ahead and buy the sad structure without any money to restore it.

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