Civic Stadium Neighbors Start Second Season Without Ems

EUGENE, Ore. — This Friday night is a little bittersweet for neighbors of Civic Stadium.

The Eugene Emeralds moved out of the historic ballpark just more than two years ago.

In years past, on a game day residents could expect crowded streets and lots of noise, but that all changed when the Ems moved on.

Now, when the season gets into gear, residents say they’re only reminded of what’s missing from the neighborhood.

Many of the people we spoke with say that while time has lessened the sting, it hasn’t fully healed the wound.

For years the Eugene Emeralds opened up at Civic Stadium, and now on opening day it and the streets nearby sit empty and the memories of what’s missing still remain.

Residents say while the Ems got a bigger venue, the vibe is quite different.

“I think the atmosphere has changed in the Ems games. It’s more of a big city feel, loud noises, and that as opposed to a more community type of event,” said neighbor Steve Smith.

There has been a lot of talk about the future of the stadium recently.

Most neighbors hope any sort of renovations will attempt to keep the history of the stadium intact.

Residents say the busy roads filled with people were a headache sometimes, but it was all worth the fun that came with having a game right in their own backyard.

Many say they don’t go to the games as often anymore.

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