Civic Stadium Sale: What’s Next?

EUGENE, Ore. — Three teams were at bat, but only one came out a winner. The Eugene School Board chose the City of Eugene to move forward with purchasing Civic Stadium in South Eugene, beating out The Eugene Family YMCA and Fred Meyer. The next step: the city must raise $3 million to renovate the stadium or the deal could fall through.

In front of a packed meeting on Wednesday night, six out of seven board members voted to sell Civic Stadium to the city for $4.5 million. A key part of the decision was that the city’s proposal was the only one that would preserve the historic ballpark. They cited several other reasons. The sale would bring money to the district the quickest, it had the least financial risks, and it would benefit the community.

The city will use funds from a 2006 Parks and Open Space bond measure to pay for the stadium. As for renovating the stadium, the city has to raise $3 million and come up with a business plan by August or the deal could fall through. City Councilor George Brown says he’s confident they can come up with the money.

“Absolutely. Had we not thought this way from the beginning, it wouldn’t be happening. We’ve always thought that,” said Brown.

The one person not confident is the sole board member who voted against the city’s proposal. Beth Gerot said she’s concerned the money would not be raised in time and the sale would deplete the city’s park bond.

If the city is successful in raising the money, the sale could be complete by the end of this year.

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