Civil War Game Draws Crowds at Pubs

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers are facing off in yet another civil war, but now the stakes are much higher.

It’s the opening round of the Pac-12 Basketball Tournament, and even though the game is miles away in Las Vegas, loyal Duck and Beaver fans are packing into local pubs to cheer from home.

Though the Ducks aren’t within arms reach, the owner of the Wild Duck CafĂ© expects a big crowd for the game. He says about 200 people can fit inside his restaurant.

Local pubs we talked with say they’re sure to see a lot of Ducks fans but are welcoming the Beavs as well.

“We see them come in every once and a while…It’s kind of like you get a little bit of everything out here, and that includes the Beavers,” said Bob Jensen, Owner of Wild Duck Cafe.

“We will get some Beaver fans. We’re accustomed to that as well, so, and they get treated very nicely. So if you’re a Beaver fan, you’re more than welcome,” said Phillip Barry, Manager of The Cooler.

Both pubs say they put extra staff on the schedule for the game, expecting packed houses. And, of course, they have some special deals going on.

Tip-off is at 6 p.m. and airs on the Pac-12 Networks.

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