Class Teaches “Zombie” Preparedness

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EUGENE, Ore. — Dozens of people concerned about the next big emergency sat in on a urban emergency disaster preparedness class Tuesday night at REI.

Instead of focusing on surviving in the wilderness, this was basically survival 101 for the city.

The speakers talked about food storage and preparation and what kinds of food to pack. For instance, you want items that are low in sodium so you aren’t forced to drink more water.

You’ll want to have an emergency shelter and a way to purify your water. Other suggested items include a crank radio. The speakers say people should be prepared to last for at least four days without help.

“It kind of exceeded my expectations as in all of the stuff that they were telling us about and different supplies that you can use,” said Eugene resident Freya Brentmar.

Some attendees said they came to the class because they believe we should be prepared for a big earthquake, since we are long overdue.

The class was nicknamed “Zombie Preparedness,” and it just may have lived up to its name. As the class was kicking off some unwelcomed bodies made their way out of the warehouse into REI.

Members from Thrill the World performed in a flash mob dancing to Michael Jackson’s song Thriller. The flash mob dancers spent months preparing to dance at the class, and they say the look on people’s faces as they came into the class was all worth it.

“I like this performance a lot because it was really unexpected more and when we did the main thrill the world like a lot of people knew what was going on and I haven’t been a part of flash mob that surprised a group of people so this was my first,” said dancer Celeste Cooley.

This was just one of many flash mobs the group is taking on leading up until Halloween

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