Click It or Ticket Campaign Begins

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — Buckle up, or come up with $110.

Oregon State Police has started its Click It or Ticket campaign this week.

The campaign runs through June 3 and is especially important as we come upon the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

But OSP says it’s not just focusing on tickets. It’s also paying close attention to impaired and dangerous driving.

OSP says it usually increases the amount of troopers on the road during this time, and it spreads out its target areas to include secondary roads.

You would think all of those things are looked for on a daily basis, but troopers say this is when they kick it into high gear.

Here are the most common offenses they see:

“Speed is probably number one. Following too close tends to be very, very prevalent, especially when the traffic gets heavy. And then you get a lot of rear end accidents,” said Sr. Trooper Rick Hamilton.

OSP says since the seat belt law was enacted in 1990, crash fatalities have dropped 61 percent.

And it says the odds of surviving a crash unbelted when you’re ejected is one in four.

The Click It or Ticket campaign also focuses on children to make sure they’re in their car or booster seats.

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