Cliff Harris Traffic Stop Dashcam Video Released

August 16, 2011

By Jeff Skrzypek

ALBANY, Ore. — Oregon State Police has released dashcam footage of an OSP trooper pulling over University of Oregon football star Cliff Harris for speeding on I-5 in June.

Harris was clocked at driving 118 miles per hour.

Quarterback Darren Thomas was in the passenger seat of the car.

The video not only associated Thomas with the incident, but at one point in the video Harris admits people in the car had been smoking marijuana.

“You guys going to school in Eugene?” the trooper asked.
“Yes sir,” replied a passenger.
“Who’s got the marijuana?” asked the trooper.
“We smoked it all,” said someone in the car.
“I don’t know if I believe that,” the trooper said.

Harris then told the officer to search the car.

The officer then asked Harris for I.D., and Harris said he didn’t have any.

“What do you got? You got something for the car? Who’s the car registered to?” asked the trooper.
“It’s my girlfriend’s car.”

The trooper then asked Harris for his name and asked why he was driving so fast.

Harris simply responded he was just trying to get to Eugene.

At this point the passengers are brought into question.

“What’s your name? I can’t hear. What’s his name?” asked the trooper.
“Darron what?” asked the trooper.
“Darron Thomas.”
“You’re Darron Thomas? Yes you are,” said the trooper.

“Why you guys smoking dope driving down the road at 118 miles per hour?” asked the trooper.
“We’re just trying to get home.”

After a few more questions from the trooper about who in the car was smoking pot, the officer walked back to his squad car.

He eventually ran Harris through a sobriety test to see if he was impaired.

Harris passed the tests.

“There’s no more marijuana in this car?” asked the trooper.
“So if I search it, I’m not going to find anything?” asked the trooper.

He didn’t search it though and eventually let the group go after determining that Tyrell Irvin, who was in the back of the car, was legally able to drive.

This is the third time Darron Thomas has been in the car when a fellow teammate has gotten in trouble.

Thomas was in the car when Eddie Pleasant crashed on Gateway Street back in September of 2008.

Pleasant was charged with racing.

Then in September 2010, Thomas was with Jermiah Masoli when he was pulled over on gateway for a traffic violation, with the officer finding marijuana in the glove box.

And the latest incident, Thomas riding with Harris when he was pulled over for speeding.

Thomas was not charged in any of the incidents.

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