Climate Change Ordinance


EUGENE, Ore.– Local non-profit group, Our Children’s Trust, will ask Eugene city councilors to adopt an ordinance that will really step up the city’s commitment to reducing its impact on climate change.

The group, comprised of about 50 youth, will present the Climate Recovery Ordinance on Monday. It outlines three goals.

1. By 2020, all city owned facilities and city operations shall be carbon neutral.
2. By 2030, the city organization shall reduce its use of fossil fuels by 50% compared to 2010 usage.
3. By 2030, all businesses and individuals living or working in the city shall collectively reduce its use of fossil fuels by 50% compared to 2010 usage.

“Eugene has a long history of environmental leadership and it made sense to try this first ever youth led climate campaign here in Eugene. There’s a really supportive community already in place that was willing to move this forward,” said Gordon Levitt, law clerk at Our Children’s Trust.

The youth will also ask councilors to create a plan that would show what Eugene would need to do to create safe levels of emissions into the atmosphere.

Monday’s public hearing is at 7:30pm at Harris Hall. City councilors are expected to decide whether or not to adopt the ordinance next week.

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  1. Vernon Huffman says:

    I applaud these youth for the tenacity to speak directly to elected officials, but wonder who gave them council to set such moderate goals. Why would anybody presume that it will still be safe to use even half the petroleum we now use 16 years from now? Climate change is happening rapidly. Burning fossil fuels is the cause. Americans are the worst. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to go fossil fuel free before the western shelf falls off of Antarctica?

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