Close Race for West Lane Commissioner

Jay BozievichEUGENE, Ore. — With the county commissioner position too close to call, we wanted to know how the candidates are dealing with this period of uncertainty.

The last round of results came out just after midnight, and Jay Bozievich leads by 45 votes.

Lane County elections officials still have 20 days to solidify the numbers, and with such a narrow gap it wouldn’t take much to change the overall outcome in this race.

Twenty-thousand ballots came in on Election Day in Lane County, bringing voter turnout to just under 30 percent. Elections officials say that definitely contributed to the close races.

Candidates say regardless of what happens they’re here for their constituents.

“I want Lane County to be successful, and I want it to continue to be successful because I’ve made a pretty strong commitment to living here. So whether I’m still in the office or somebody else is in the office. I’ll still keep working towards Lane County’s success,” Bozievich said.

Dawn Lesley wasn’t available to comment but released a statement thanking her supporters and everyone who exercised their right to vote.

Elections officials say they are reviewing ballots that weren’t filled out correctly. They couldn’t tell us how many, but they’re notifying those voters who will have two weeks to fix and return them.

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