Clothes Closet Gives Back to Families

EUGENE, Ore. — For 25 years the Bethesda Lutheran Church has been helping families in need.

On Wednesday, members of the congregation began collecting clothes from Bethel District Schools for their annual “shopping” event in August. Volunteers go to the schools and pick up clothes from the lost and found, wash them and then re-distribute them.

Bethel School District families are able to set up private appointments in August to “shop” for free items in the closet at the church. The coordinator says by setting appointments the families are able to maintain their dignity.

“It’s very private, and we assist them and they pick out what they want and have a good experience, and we hope that they do,” said Jean Phifer, Bethel Clothes Closet Coordinator.

Organizers says they collect about 75 bags of clothing each year and help more than 300 children and family members.

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