Clothing Shop Puts Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Into Practice

By Nha Nguyen

EUGENE, Ore. — Redoux Parlour on Blair Blvd. does more than just sell clothes.

The clothing shop is a place for you to get second-hand clothes or learn to make your own.

It parlour offers courses and workshops to teach people to design and sew their own pieces using fabric scraps.

Owner Laura Lee Laroux says she’s passionate about using old materials and believes her place has a lot to offer other than a great deal.

“It’s really special to find it somewhere for less expensive and then to really support local business. I think that supporting local businesses and local artisans is an oh so huge way that we can improve our economy,” Laroux said.

And if you’re looking to get rid of some clothes, Redoux will take them and pay you or offer you store credit.

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