Coal Opponents Gaining Traction

EUGENE, Ore. — Groups fighting a proposed coal line through Eugene are starting to gain traction.

No Coal Eugene held a meeting Thursday night at the University of Oregon. About 50 people watched a presentation. The group outlined how it plans to dismantle the coal rail line plans.

The controversial proposal would bring coal through Eugene on its way to the coast. It would then be put on ships and head to China.

No Coal Eugene says it’s working on trying to create a community bill of rights to stop the plans.

“Change the paradigm so the power dynamic doesn’t lie with the federal state and corporate trio, but rather down on the local level,” said Jordan Chesnut, No Coal Eugene Campaign Organizer.

There are many cities, including Eugene, trying to fight the coal proposal.

Congressman Peter DeFazio is one of many who support the plans, saying China will get its coal, and we should be the ones to benefit through jobs.

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  1. jason marks says:

    stupid Eugene…. again…..

    you can’t stop the Federal Railroad with some silly community organizer.

    The photo is FALSE. the rail cars are covered and loaded in a covered / filtered building.

    All you are doing is what the unions did to Hostess… Protest and strike and now look, Hostess filed for bankruptcy. Now no one has a job, thanks to the “community” union organization.

    All they want to do is destroy jobs.

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