Coal Terminal Deal Falls Through

COOS BAY, Ore. — A proposal to build a coal export terminal in Coos Bay is now off the table.

The Port of Coos Bay ended negotiations with California-based Metro Ports, Monday.

The proposed terminal would have shipped up to 11 million tons of coal from the Midwest to Asia per year. The project would have required shipping the coal through Eugene and other Oregon cities.

The port will explore other development options, but it hasn’t said if they would involve coal.

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  1. Doc says:

    When everyone is on food stamps and government assistant who will pay the bills? We can’t log, (even if we replant more than we cut) we are not allowed to fish (even if we care more than the federal government does about what is in our ocean) What exactly are we allowed to do? Work for WalMart? We used to be a state with some form of pride. Please Oregon, tell us how we are allowed to make a living?!!

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