Coal Train Possible Through Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — City councilors heard from a panel at Monday night’s work session, on the possibility of a coal train running through Eugene. Reedsport mayor, a member of Climates Solutions, a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Executive Director of the Port of Coos Bay, all gave the council their take on the plan.

“It’s competing values, and what you think is important. Obviously the economy in Coos Bay is very important but obviously climate change and global warming and the impacts of that are extremely important as well. So it’s a balancing act that the council has to look for on the 22nd when we vote on this resolution,” said Alan Zelenka, Eugene City Councilor.

A group of protesters against the plan, also demonstrated during the work session.

The council will vote on the issue later this month; but, it’s only an advisory note that will be combined with other communities and used as an example of how each feels about the issue.

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