Coburg Considers New City Hall

COBURG, Ore. — The Coburg City Council is looking at buying a new building to house its City Hall. The price tag for a new building sits at about a half a million dollars.

The city has wanted to move buildings for nearly two decades. Coburg Mayor Jae Pudewell says the move is needed.

“It’s cramped and it’s actually quite inadequate for the needs and services that the city provides,” said Mayor Pudewell. “For example, we run a Municipal Court and we don’t have adequate public restrooms. The current City Hall space doesn’t have adequate judges chambers.”

Mayor Pudewell also added the council chambers and the court is in the same room, the finance department is in the break room and the police department works within about a 400 square foot space.

The city’s looking to buy property on North Willamette Street, also known as the Manley Building.

The city says the new property is bigger than the current City Hall and should meet many of the city’s needs as well as offer a place for a community and heritage center.

Some residents have expressed concerns about this affecting their wastewater rate or that this will mean higher taxes.

“It’s nothing that isn’t already in the realm for the estimates for operations and maintenance for these infrastructure costs, there is no impact to rates at all,” said Pudewell.

The value of the current City Hall is $270,000. That money would be put toward the purchase price of the Manley Building. That building’s priced at $750,000. That makes a net city cost of $480,000. The city says some remodeling and moving costs will bring the city’s total to about $575,000.

The city’s holding an open house on November, 12th from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Manley Building on Willamette Street.

City Council will then hold its council and public meeting at the same location that night.


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  1. jason marks says:

    The value of the current City Hall is $270,000. That money would be put toward the purchase price of the Manley Building.

    WHAT IS THE CORRELATION in the statement above?
    How does value equal cash?
    Don’t you have to sell something of value to “put toward”?

    The Mayor is producing some new version of voodoo economics here… so yes, the citizens are rightly concerned over money management. It hasn’t been THAT long since the nightmare and impropriety of Chief Mike Hudson.

    1. interested says:

      The property that is the current city hall building will be traded as part of the purchase.
      The groupd that owns the manley building is taking the current city hall property in trade as part of the purchase price.
      Not rocket science.

  2. more interested says:

    Sounds like typical bureaucrats spending money they wish they had at others expense. How many people work at Coburg City Hall? Isn’t Coburg a 1000 person neighborhood?
    I think there are only 340 homes there and the population hasnt grown much in 20 years so not sure why the need? Sounds like a good way to go Bankrupt and the only one that wins is the Realtor in the deal. Good luck out there Coburg!

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