Coburg Fire District Burn to Learn

Coburg Fire Training PicCOBURG, Ore. — There was a lot of smoke in the air in Coburg Saturday but there’s no need to be alarmed. It’s part of a learning experience for some new firefighters.

The community came out to watch as the newer recruits at the Coburg Fire District set fire to an old house to do some certified training.

The fire chief says the exercise is meant to put the trainees in real life situations to see what they can and can’t handle, and also to learn from the more experienced fire fighters.

“The point in doing this is it puts recruits, after they get through with all of their training, into the real atmosphere, real smoke, real heat, make sure they can handle themselves okay. Eventually, they get checked off to move forward,” said Chad Minter, Coburg Fire District chief.

The house was donated by a Coburg resident who says he plans on building a new house on the property once the house is burned down.

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