Cannabus Stopped by Coburg Police

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EUGENE, Ore. — Coburg Police have gotten in trouble for issuing improper citations in the past, but this time they were well within their rights.

When Coburg Police pulled over and cited people on the “Cannabus” Monday afternoon, it raised a few eye brows; partly because of where the citation occurred.

The part of Highway 126 where the bus was stopped was well outside of Coburg’s jurisdiction; but according to the Oregon State Law, jurisdiction doesn’t matter in this case. ORS 810.410 says an officer can issue a citation anywhere in the state as long as they or another officer sees traffic laws being violated.

“We’ve seen potentially where Eugene Police stop somebody in Springfield and vice versa, and really I just think it comes down to the safety of your citizens,” said county commissioner Sid Leiken.

In the “Cannabus” case, the driver was cited for an illegal lane change and an invalid operator’s license. Some of the passengers were later cited for possession of more than an ounce of marijuana.

This event rekindled a 10-year-old conversation surrounding Coburg Police. The situation involved the fact that when an officer, deputy or trooper issues a ticket, half the revenue from that ticket goes to the arresting agency and half to the court where the ticket is issued. But back then, Coburg Police were citing drivers on I-5 and sending them to the Coburg Courthouse instead of the Lane County or Springfield courthouses, thus gaining all the revenue instead of just half.

Monday’s out-of-jurisdiction citation did jog a few memories, but Coburg Police assured us the ticket was issued to Lane County Circuit Court.

In Oregon, when driving on the road anywhere in the state, any law enforcement officer can issue a citation if a traffic law is being broken. The court the citation is issued to should be the nearest one.

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