Coburg Recall Efforts Fail

COBURG RECALLCOBURG, Ore. — A recall effort that included Coburg Mayor Jae Pudewell and two city councilors did not earn voter approval.

At least 65 percent of voters in all three races voted to keep the the current administration. This all centered on the city’s wastewater project.

A resident accused the mayor and two councilors of mismanaging the project funding and that the mayor showed bad judgement during construction.

Now that the unofficial results are in, Mayor Pudewell says people need to move on.┬áHe says this was the fourth initiative in five years and there is a good volunteer group on the Coburg City Council. He’s just ready to move forward.

“That’s really what I want to happen is, we had a vote on the wastewater system. Some people didn’t agree. It wasn’t unanimous,” said Mayor Pudewell. “It didn’t win. They need to move on. Otherwise, why have a vote?”

Mayor Pudewell says the council will continue to push for better communication between the city government and the citizens.

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  1. jason mark says:

    I vote to bulldoze the recall petitioners houses….
    Nothing like trying to bring division to a City.
    The Recall was a shameful disgrace on the people who pushed it.
    Pathetic actually.

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