Coburg Holds Recall Election

COBURG RECALLCOBURG, Ore. — The City of Coburg is awaiting the final tallies in a recall election Tuesday, after a resident filed a petition to get rid of the mayor and two city councilors.

It all started after a resident filed paperwork claiming two city councilors mis-managed money for a wastewater project and that the mayor used poor judgment.

Some residents say they’re confident the final votes will keep things the way they are.

“I am for ‘no’ on the recall. This is the second recall we’ve had for our mayor, and I am against it because I feel like these are all volunteer jobs and these people are doing the best they can,” said Coburg resident Eric Lovendahl.

The recall election paperwork was filed in October by a Coburg resident who claims city councilors, Jerry Behney and Brian Pech, mismanaged funds for a wastewater project. It also claimed that Mayor Jae Pudewell showed “poor judgment” and “made bad decisions” about the construction.

Mayor Pudewell says he’s not worried for his position.

“I hope the vote comes out ‘no.’ actually. We have a lot of support in town, and I believe that the citizens are pretty well tired of this activity. So, I think the vote will come out positive in our favor,” Mayor Pudewell said.

“From everything that I’ve heard and all my neighbors, I think that we’re going to see the same people still in place and that’s a good thing,” Lovendahl said.

Although confident the vote will be in his favor, Mayor Pudewell is also prepared for the worst.

“If it doesn’t work out in my favor, the president of the council will become the mayor pro tem and the city will move forward,” Mayor Pudewell said.

Residents who are voting no say they like the outlook with the current mayor and council.

“Our town’s on the upswing, and I’d like to see it that way,” Lovendahl said.

Residents who voted ‘yes’ on the recall said they want answers and explanations regarding what they call missing money.

Mayor Pudewell says preliminary results are expected to be posted Tuesday night and final results later in the week.

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