Coburg Residents React to Recall Results

coburg recall pictureCOBURG, Ore. — Residents hope things will settle down in Coburg after a recall effort to oust the mayor and two councilors failed.

At least 65 percent of votes in all three races were in favor of keeping the leaders in office.

A Coburg resident started the recall campaign, accusing two city council members of mismanaging funds for a wastewater project, and Mayor Jae Pudewell of using bad judgement on the project.

Residents say now that the voting is over, they want to put it behind them.

“I’m pleased the way the results came out. I have to say I’m relieved the election’s over and our town can go forward from here. I think it was a pretty resounding answer to the recall election and I’m pleased the way it turned out,” said Mary Mosier, a Coburg resident.

Residents say the leaders are all volunteers and they hope the results show they support their city.

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