Coburg Takes Steps to Buy City Hall

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COBURG, Ore. — The Coburg City Council is taking a big step towards purchasing a new City Hall.

Councilors voted 4 to 1 Tuesday tonight to approve a supplemental budget. That budget now needs to be submitted to a financing entity.

If financing is approved, the city could complete a transaction in the next 6 weeks.

Tuesday night residents also got to look inside the building of the potential new City Hall at an open house on Willamette Street, also known as the Manley Building.

KEZI 9 News talked with some residents about getting a new City Hall.

“I don’t know where they are going to get the money that is what I came to see, see if they could answer some questions, but it’s a nice location,” said Coburg resident Dyane Malmgren.

“I think it is fantastic,”┬ásaid Coburg resident Vicki Pattle. “I think it is time and I think this building is absolutely appropriate. It looks like it could be designed for the City Hall.”

“You’re broke, you’re absolutely broke and you don’t realize it,” said Coburg resident Bill Ledford. “They are trying to put you deeper and deeper in the hole and the citizens can’t afford it. They can’t afford living here now they can’t even sell their places. I am asking you to put off City Hall until you get your finances in shape.”

Additional steps like making the building compliant with the American Disabilities Act would also need to take place.

The value of the current City Hall is $270,000. That money would be put toward the purchase price of the Manley Building.

That building’s priced at $750,000. That makes a net city cost of $480,000. The city says some remodeling and moving costs will bring the city’s total to about $575,000.

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  1. Disappointed in Coburg says:

    Shame on you the City Council and Mayor of Coburg.

  2. SBro says:

    Way to go, Coburg! This is the right time, and the best deal. An excellent building and location for a new City Hall and Community Center, and an easy way for the City to dispose of the outdated and non-functional current City Hall – trading it as part of this transaction.

    Coburg is poised for tremendous growth, now that the wastewater treatment system is on line, and the moratorium on new development has been lifted. It is anticipated that just within the next two years that employment in Coburg could double, and residential units could increase by 20-25 percent.

    I have witnessed first-hand that people have been turned away from Coburg City Council and other meetings in the current building due to lack of space. Coburg needs this new facility.

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