Coburg to Discuss Tax Exemptions

COBURG, Ore. — A proposal to bring a very large investment to the City of Coburg is about to take on a big hurdle.

On Tuesday night, the city will meet with county leaders at city hall to talk about a tax exemption request for a company that wants to move into part of the old Monaco building in Coburg.

The company behind the request is Materne North America, a company that produces and sells applesauce. It’s asking to move into the city’s industrial park, but the deal isn’t set yet. It applied for a 15-year tax exemption under Oregon’s strategic investment program.

Details of exactly what the company wants to move in there are a bit limited. It may be revealed Tuesday night. The company’s expected to make a presentation. The city and county are also hoping to hear from the public as part of their considerations for this tax exemption.

In order to apply for this tax exemption, the company needs to invest at least $25 million in the project. That would in turn mean more jobs.

The meeting will start at 6 p.m.

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