Coffee Shop Robber Sentenced to Prison

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A man who robbed a Springfield coffee shop this summer will spend nearly six years in prison, after a jury found him guilty.

Surveillance images show Robert Nill at a nearby business, after he was accused of robbing Cool Beanz.

Nill will also be supervised for three years after he’s released from prison, and he has to pay restitution to the victim.




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  1. tlb says:

    The impact that this type of behavior has on the victim is one that they will carry for life. Why would anyone rob a coffeeshop? Are they that desperate to rob a young a woman and scare the hell out her for life?

    The sentence he got does not even compare to the trauma the victim feels everyday of her life. He has six years to think about what he did and I hope he knows the scope of his crime.

  2. BigT says:

    “why would anyone rob a coffee shop”. That question answers itself. I know the defendant personally. He’d give you the shirt off his back normally. Unfortunately he developed a dependency on opiates shortly before this incident and he was indeed… desperate. Rehab or methadone could have nipped this in the bud. These are now more readlily available under obamacare. I know my friend feels terrible about the people he hurt.

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