Coldest Morning in Almost a Year

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Thanks to a large ridge of high pressure we are dry and under clear skies, but this time of year clear nights also mean cold nights, fog and possible frost. Temperatures dropped to just 22 degrees in Eugene Wednesday morning. This is the coldest we’ve been since January 16th of 2012.

The chilly night also allowed fog to form in the valley, which in some places also froze onto roadways. This fog is blocking the sunshine for the valley and high temperatures are going to struggle to get out of the 30s.

Tonight will likely be another clear, cold and foggy night with temperatures falling into the mid 20s.

A storm is lined up to move in Thursday, but it’s not very large and it doesn’t look to hold together very well. So a few light showers are possible. Because of the cold air that will likely be in place, we could for a short period see a combination of freezing rain and frozen precipitation. The chances for this are best in the northwest part of the state. Highs will climb to the mid 40s with lows to the low 30s.

It’ll be back to dry weather Friday as another ridge of high pressure moves in.  Highs will stay in the 40s but lows will likely be back to the upper 20s.

Over the weekend a storm moves east over the area, but a split upper flow is likely to break the storm apart. If this is the case, we would stay dry. Otherwise we could see a few scattered showers Saturday.

-Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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  1. Gary says:

    Can you explain the difference between wet bulb temperature and dew point?

    Thanks for all the great reporting,
    Monroe, Oregon (OTA viewer)

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