College GameDay Hosts Talk About Eugene

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EUGENE, Ore. — We’re less than 13 hours until ESPN’s College GameDay goes live on the University of Oregon campus.

The cast and crew have a lot to do before their early morning broadcast, but they took some time to share what makes Eugene special for them.

The operations crews have been here since Wednesday night, but the talent didn’t fly into town until Friday. So they’ll have to fight through the jet lag to make it to their 4 a.m. call here to the set Saturday morning.

Friday the agenda was filled with production meetings, some last-minute promo shoots, and a press conference with local media.

Both GameDay hosts Samantha Steele and Desmond Howard have done this show plenty, but what’s different about Eugene is the wake-up call.

“For us to start our show when it’s pitch black outside, but for the crowd to turn out the way that they have. It’s just been so impressive for us,” Howard said.

“When we come out on the golf cart at four or five a.m. and we’ve got people just losing their minds. I mean it still, it’s an out of body experience for me,” Steele said.

GameDay’s two most-visited West Coast towns are Eugene and Los Angeles for USC and Desmond did add Duck fans have the Trojans beat on crowd quality.

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