College GameDay Returns to UO Campus

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EUGENE, Ore. — Saturday will be a busy day on the University of Oregon campus.

ESPN’s College GameDay is returning to Eugene for a big match up against UCLA.

The athletic department has confirmed that ESPN will be setting up College GameDay in the quad. That’s where it has set up the last two years when it’s stopped in Eugene. The school and students say it is a perfect location for this anticipated event.

Students say it’s almost surreal.

“It’s pretty crazy from what you see on TV with lots of people screaming and cheering. It’s exactly like that, but real and live,” said UO student Jared Magid.

Magid is a senior at the UO, and he says from previous College GameDays he’s been to, there’s nothing quite like it.

“GameDay’s huge. There will be people out there from like 3 o’clock in the morning onward. Everybody’s going to be getting pretty crazy and rowdy and just getting psyched for the game,” Magid said.

The university’s athletic department is just as excited to see ESPN back on campus.

“We’re excited, obviously, to host College GameDay again. It’s our fifth consecutive year that we’ve hosted, which actually is the first time in College GameDay history that that’s ever happened,” said Craig Pintens, Senior Associate Athletic Director.

This will be the eighth time the event has made a stop in Eugene. Within the last five years, College GameDay has set up at two different locations.

“It has been over here by Autzen primarily. That has been the previous locations, and then the last two years it has been on campus on the campus quad location,” Pintens said.

The athletic department says ESPN will set up again on the campus quad in front of the Lillis Business Complex–a prime spot.

“Having it on campus is great because our students are right there and they’re able to get to it a lot easier. They have to get over here if it is at Autzen, so you have a built in advantage having it on campus,” Pintens said.

Students agree. They say having it on campus brings an extra surge of school spirit.

“The Ducks’ stadium is probably one of the most energetic in the whole NCAA. It brings an extra level of energy to the game,” Magid said.

ESPN College GameDay was here last November when Oregon took on Stanford. Oregon has a five-and-two record on College GameDays and are hoping to make that six and two against UCLA.

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