College GameDay Sets Up at UO

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EUGENE, Ore. — ESPN’s College GameDay is back on campus this weekend, and on Friday the crew put the finishing touches on the show’s set.

Its analysts say they’re thrilled to be back at the University of Oregon.

“We’ve been here so much. I think we’ve been here maybe more than any other place in the last five years,” said Kirk Herbstreit, EPSN analyst.

As GameDay gets ready for its eighth show in Eugene and 18th show highlighting the Oregon Ducks, the show analysts took a minute to talk about why they’re excited to be back in town.

“I love the outdoors, so I like to go for a run along that river. I love college football and the fact that these fans are so passionate about their team. I can relate to that. I love this team. I love their program,” Herbstreit said.

“Just has a tremendous energy, a different vibe than any other place we go to,” said Tom Rinaldi, ESPN analyst.

Herbstreit says of all places in the country, Eugene is his favorite place for the show.

“Everywhere I would go when I would be asked like this from people at Florida State, Georgia, or Alabama, ‘Well, where’s your favorite place to go?’ I would say Eugene, Oregon and people would be like, ‘Eugene, Oregon? What are you talking about?’ And now people are starting to kind of catch on that this is a very passionate place about college football,” Herbstreit said.

“I think we’ve really never seen that vibe where you come on in the darkness. Sometimes we dealt with the mist, the fog, obviously the roar of the chopper, the Duck coming out, all of those things built…just a very different vibe. It’s a great and unique place to bring the show,” Rinaldi said.

The show’s analysts say they hope a large crowd of Duck fans will come out to watch the show’s live broadcast Saturday morning.

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