College Students Boost Local Economy

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EUGENE, Ore. — There’s a lot that goes into move-in day. Students and their families unpack their cars and begin to bring items up to their dorms, and there are a lot of last-minute items they need to buy. That’s what Target leaders say is what causes a rush of customers, almost comparable to Christmas shopping.

Cassidy Vanasen and her mom mean business when they go college shopping.

“It takes a while to get everything organized,” said UO student Cassidy Vanasen.

Vanasen is going into her sophomore year and says there’s just way more to buy.

“It’s a little more different because I need more things definitely. I was really limited with the amount of stuff I could bring in the dorms,” Vanasen said.

She says now her list includes items for a full bathroom and a kitchen. But a lot of the things Vanasen and her mom are buying are the same for any student in college.

Storage, bathroom items, bedding, and small appliances top the list. And all of those must haves are what employees at Target say is drawing large crowds to the stores.

“Today is a crazy busy day. We will actually bank sales floor hours from previous weeks to be able to have enough team members here during this time,” said Dana Hampton, Target Executive Team Lead.

Hampton says sales skyrocket during the next few days and the number of shoppers looks more like the holidays.

“We just have tons of sales this time of year. We usually beat all of our sales goals for sure on a daily basis,” Hampton said.

For Cassidy and her mom the list goes on and on and the prices adds up. But she says it’s not necessarily about the price. It’s more about bonding with her mom.

“When she leaves you know it’s going to be kind of sad. So I’m glad that we have these couple days to do it with her. And she knows a lot more than I do about all of this. So she’s been super helpful. I don’t really know what I would do without her,” Vanasen said.

Target leaders told KEZI 9 News they’ve seen some pretty hefty receipts–some as much as $500 for back to college items.

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